The Art and Science of Guitar indeed!

This has always been my approach . . . that guitar, indeed music, is both an art and a science. The synergy created between these two aspects of music, even after more than 25 years as a musician, still brings wonder to my eyes and a smile to my heart.

Two of my favorite things in this life are playing guitar and helping people learn. What a great coincidence that I teach guitar for a living. I am based out of Marysville, WA, just about a half hour North of Seattle, but don’t let distance deter you, I can also give guitar lessons over video chat, so if you are interested in getting started that way, feel free to contact me.

If you’d like to hear a little of my playing, feel free to visit my personal website and also take a look at my former band’s pages: Hades Machine and Ara’Kus.